The pirobase Suite - your Digital Business Engine

The pirobase suite is a combination of powerful content management and efficient product information management and links you to the central platform for your content. Through seamless integration of CMS and PIM, emotional marketing content and validated product data can be integrated into your website using drag & drop in the blink of an eye. This allows you easy and uncomplicated control of all your content and data by using a standardised editing process before distributing the content to all channels.

Predicitive Marketing with pirobase

Predictive Analytics

Measure the success of your campaigns, optimise them and create predictions of their future performance.

pirobase Suite: your digital businnes engine


Create emotional, interactice online experience worlds with structured product data and emotional conten.

Augmented Reality: digitally enhanced

Augmented Reality

Enhance flyers, brochures with online content and thus create an unforgettable user experience.

pirobase Service

pirobase Service

We offer software, consulting and service from one hand and also take care of you far beyond the implementation phase.

The video of pirobase Suite

Our video shows how the pirobase Suite helps you to offer relevant information for your products to the digital customer at each point of his customer journey.

pirobase: Your Digital Business Engine

We are GS1 Solution Provider

The standards are set by GS1 - the realisation is done by the GS1 Solution Providers. We actively support the GS1 standards and process recommendations and transfer them into our solutions and products.

GS1 Solution Provider

The characteristics of pirobase

pirobase is the foundation for all of your content-based projects. Our suite is a seamless bond of powerful content management (CMS) and efficient product data management (PIM). This provides you with a central platform for your online publishing. It also enables you to cover all scenarios with a single system. Whether as a standalone module, in combination or as an SaaS. We have a suitable solution for every conceivable scenario.

pirobase CMS

pirobase CMS is the channel-independant, central content management platform for achieving your omni-channel strategy. All output channels, such as web, mobile and social media are supplied from a single editorial process.

pirobase PIM

Implement the processes you use to manage your product data quickly and easily. Benefit from all the required instruments for quick and efficient data support.

pirobase wins DME Award

Our licensing and deployment-models

We offer different licensing and deployment models in order to allow you as much freedom as possible to adapt your licensing and the integration of pirobase into your infrastructure to meet your individual needs. No matter whether it is a classic, royalty or value-based licence model. Either installed in your data centre, hosted or as a SaaS solution. We have a suitable solution for every requirement.


pirobase in use at METRO


In order to improve how their master data is managed and to therefore reduce the costs associated with this, the METRO GROUP uses pirobase.

Learn more about pirobase at METRO

pirobase in use at Stadtwerke Erfurt

Stadtwerke Erfurt

pirobase is fully integrated into the existing SAP NetWeaver portal of Stadtwerke Erfurt in such a way that all portal functions can be fully utilised and individually expanded.

Learn more about pirobase at Stadtwerke Erfurt

pirobase in use at Baden-Wuerttemberg
pirobase in use at Siemens Healthcare